If you like visiting sites of old, reading about long forgotten cities covered with dust, graves of lost civilizations and treasures hidden within, then this is the place for you!

Here you can find an assortment of articles written by me on the topic of archaeology, in one of Israels’ leading newspapers, Haaretz.

Hope you’ll discover something new!

archaeologist holding turtle shell reading book surounded by smoke

Reish Lakish the bandit and other tales: A new study weighs the archaeological and historical evidence for Jewish gladiators in the Roman Empire

A girl’s shoe. Names in Polish scribbled on the walls. Strange artifacts. How a former NYPD detective unraveled the stories of the Galician Jews who survived the Holocaust in caves in western Ukraine

A copper ring that archaeologists found in King Herod’s fortress, posited to have belonged to Pontius Pilate, may have had a completely unexpected owner, according to a new reading and interpretation

Ritual hoard found in Ukraine’s Verteba Cave from around 5,000 years ago illuminate the ritual life of the mysterious Cucuteni-Trypillian culture

A complex of furnaces in Yavneh dating to the Bronze Age shows a pottery tradition lasting 2,800 years– and an unexpected use of the kilns when their utility had ended

Iconic Slavic masks found half a century ago were thought to represent deeply rooted paganism perpetuated in Christian rituals. Reevaluation of these items brought quite a surprise

Clearing a mound to make room for the newly deceased in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia revealed tombs from a culture unique enough to warrant its own definition, archaeologists say

The enigmatic Cucuteni-Trypillian culture reached Western Ukraine much earlier than had been thought, new excavation in wetland reveals

A strange burial in an ornate cauldron, burials with horses and more show multiple cultures in ancient western Ukraine in Roman times, and hint at why it was so

On the road to Beit Guvrin, Israeli archaeologists found two structures they thought were synagogues. Wrong both times

Graves found in Poland and Ukraine contain purposely broken weapons, we learn thanks to grave robbers having a civic moment

As more ‘anti-vampire’ burials begin to pile up in Europe, scholars suggest a new perspective to explain ‘alternative’ burial rites

In the barren hills over a Red Sea resort, a prehistoric site replete with religious symbolism may indicate the dawn of a new belief in life after death

Associated with the Bronze Age Tagar culture, the amulet provides rare insight into the rituals associated with death in this balmy region of Siberia


Bronze Age burials in Khakassia, Russia show women wore exquisite dresses and jewelry in the Bronze Age, at least in their afterlife. Dogs sometimes came along for that last ride too

The mortuary habits of the Tashtyks had been known. Now archaeologists have found rare signals from their life in the early first millennium C.E.– including a unique engraved stone slab

Just in time for the Beijing Olympics: Analysis of horse bones from ancient Novgorod shows not one but two types of ice skates, neither, possibly, for any useful purpose

Necropolis excavation in the Sambian Peninsula, Russia reveal not graves of the simple folk described by Tacitus, but sophisticated people – who played Roman games

Robbers desecrating graves left the bones lying about, a crime culminating in new discoveries about a widespread Indo-Iranian culture and their inheritance customs

When grave robbers muff it: Archaeological excavation in Ukraine find evidence of the ‘great’ wooden city of tribes described by Herodotus, home to a melting pot of tribes, including the Scythians

Orozmani, an important new archaeological site in the Caucasus next door to Dmanisi, showcases the spread of Homo erectus out of Africa, and who it met when it arrived

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