Enter The Gates Of Hell – The Hinnom Valley in Jerusalem

If you ever wondered what it’s like in Hell this post is just for you!
Enter Gehenna, which literally means hell. A place cursed for eternity for the vile rituals that took place there.
A vast necropolis in the heart of Jerusalem, where the living meets the dead. Join me to discover ancient graves and local heavy metal bands.

Family Vacation in Eilat

Read about our latest vacation in the resort city of Eilat on the shores of the Red Sea, with tips on how to survive a family vacation with kids, pubs you should visit, and the beautiful Eilat surroundings with relics from the past.

viktoria grimoire red mountains eilat desert

A road trip through the Israeli Desert

Beside being the area with rich historical roots and events, Israel is also famous for is its’ beautiful deserts and unique geological formations. This time, we went on a road trip for a family vacation to the resort city of Eilat on the Red Sea. Marveling at its’ beautiful desert scenery, with it’s red mountains and the largest erosion corrie in the world, the Ramon Crater.

What do the Pope, a Rabbi, and a Mukhtar have in Common?

Long ago, textiles and garbs were considered valuable gifts, often gifted by Kings and Elites to one another. This week I got a chance to visit a place in the Old City of Jerusalem, a textile merchant, who holds in his store the most luxurious and rare fabrics one can find. Among his customers are high religious officials of all main religions, including the Pope.

When the city of gold is covered in white

Experience Jerusalem, the city of gold, covered in a white fluffy blanket of snow. Walk between the quaint streets of the old city and marvel at Jerusalems’ surrounding nature, with its’ mountains, forests and streams.

The Mamilla Cemetery in downtown Jerusalem

Nestled in the heart of downtown Jerusalem lies Mamilla cemetery, a medieval relic in the midst of the city. Discover the history of Jerusalem while walking among the graves of soldiers, leaders, merchants, and holy Sheikhs.

How did these office buildings in Jerusalem get cursed? and tips on rockin’ your corp look!

How many times have you come to your office, thinking if it might be cursed. Have you ever opened a business and felt that despite all your hard efforts, no matter what you do, it’s destined to fail. Maybe the reason for your misfortune, has nothing to do with you or the things you do rather is buried (sometimes literally) just beneath your desk…
Such is the case with some of the office buildings in Jerusalem. And while we talk about offices, let us tackle the important issues alt girls have to deal with while going to work, dress code, with tips on how to emphasize your personal style while keeping it looking professional.

The Haunted Hospital at Kikar Safra no.13

If you happened to visit Jerusalem on a Friday afternoon, and you were lucky enough to arrive on the eve of Friday the 13th, then we have the perfect place for you to visit on this dreaded and haunted night. Come visit a haunted hospital with me, walk through a medieval graveyard and finish your day with some good drinks that will bring you back to your senses.

Who do the 12,000 bodies buried in the Lions’ Cave belong to?

A Jew, A Muslim, and a Christian walk into a cave…
What they found there were a bunch of Goths having an afternoon picnic.

Let us travel back in time, to the Middle Ages and the Byzantine era to find out about the story behind the dreaded Lions’ Cave nestled in the heart of Gan Ha’atzmaut in downtown Jerusalem. While we are exploring the dark past of the park, let me tell you about the Jerusalem Gothic Picnic and the local Gothic scene and events.

10 Essential Tips for Traveling Safely in Israel

Israel is a historically rich country where you will find diverse cultures and beautiful nature, a country where anyone can find their place. Despite the wonder you will find here, you should also be aware of the less wonderful aspects of this unique country. In this post, I will share my top 10 tips for traveling safely in this beautiful land. I will inform you about the little things you might find only here, considering Israels’ unique nature.

Gornensky monestary landscape jerusalem ein karem hills

A Monastery, Murder and a Forgotten Tower – Gornensky Monastery

Nestled amongst the hills on the outskirts of Jerusalem stands a relic of Russian architecture embedded in the local history, the Gornensky monastery. Join me in a tale about a devout Victorian era scholar and nuns, as I unveil a morbid murder mystery that occurred between the walls of the Gornensky monastery and through it marvel at the beauty of the region.