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How did these office buildings in Jerusalem get cursed? and tips on rockin’ your corp look!

How many times have you come to your office, thinking if it might be cursed. Have you ever opened a business and felt that despite all your hard efforts, no matter what you do, it’s destined to fail. Maybe the reason for your misfortune, has nothing to do with you or the things you do rather is buried (sometimes literally) just beneath your desk…
Such is the case with some of the office buildings in Jerusalem. And while we talk about offices, let us tackle the important issues alt girls have to deal with while going to work, dress code, with tips on how to emphasize your personal style while keeping it looking professional.

Who do the 12,000 bodies buried in the Lions’ Cave belong to?

A Jew, A Muslim, and a Christian walk into a cave…
What they found there were a bunch of Goths having an afternoon picnic.

Let us travel back in time, to the Middle Ages and the Byzantine era to find out about the story behind the dreaded Lions’ Cave nestled in the heart of Gan Ha’atzmaut in downtown Jerusalem. While we are exploring the dark past of the park, let me tell you about the Jerusalem Gothic Picnic and the local Gothic scene and events.